Leslie’s Story

Leslie[1] is a 46-year-old single woman referred to rapid re-housing by her case worker at My Sister’s House (Atlanta Union Mission).

Leslie’s experience with homelessness began two years ago when her job assignment through a staffing agency ended.  While Leslie qualified to receive unemployment, it was not enough to pay all of her bills and she soon found herself evicted from her apartment.  Following her eviction, Leslie moved back to her hometown in southeast Georgia for some time then returned to Atlanta last summer.  After living with a friend for three months, she moved to My Sister’s House emergency shelter.

With no history of substance abuse, mental or physical health issues, Leslie’s only barrier to housing was one eviction on her credit record.

While Leslie does not have enough income to cover her move-in expenses and monthly rent, an agency specializing in housing services partnered with AREC to provide funds, along with additional assistance from the Atlanta Housing Authority, to obtain stable housing for her in a subsidized two-bedroom unit at an AREC property. Leslie is currently working part-time earning $520/month while searching for a full-time position.  She has been referred to First Step Staffing to support her efforts.

[1] Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality.

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