Jada’s Story

Jada[1] contacted PCCI as a referral from a DeKalb County Schools homelessness social worker. Jada is a single mother with three children who are 10, 8, and 5 years old.  Jada’s homelessness began as a result of an untenable situation between Jada and her husband, which culminated in Jada being arrested as the aggressor.

After being incarcerated for a few days while her children lived with her sister, Jada was released from jail and found she was not allowed to return to her home.  She and her three children took shelter with a family friend; however, that family then lost their home to foreclosure, which again left Jada and her children without a place to stay.  Jada and her children have been residing in a one-bedroom apartment, with care of her family alternately split between her sister and a babysitter.

Fortunately, even though Jada has exhausted all other housing options and lacks the savings to secure her own place without assistance, she has $1200 monthly income from employment.  With this, plus $1340 in one-time, rapid re-housing assistance from PCCI for deposits and first-month’s rent, PCCI worked in close collaboration with one of the AREC property managers to move Jada and her three children into a new home in April 2014.

[1] Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality.

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