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Diana’s Story

Diana[1] is a pregnant single mother with two children who are 9 years and 1 year old.  She was in desperate need of housing assistance after two years of housing instability and homelessness. Two years before making her call to one of our housing service provider partners, Diana was employed in the Army Reserve; when her unit… Read more »

Jada’s Story

Jada[1] contacted PCCI as a referral from a DeKalb County Schools homelessness social worker. Jada is a single mother with three children who are 10, 8, and 5 years old.  Jada’s homelessness began as a result of an untenable situation between Jada and her husband, which culminated in Jada being arrested as the aggressor. After… Read more »

Paul’s Story

Paul[1] is a single male who had been living at the Salvation Army shelter since Thanksgiving of 2012 after two short-term, in-patient treatment programs for mental health and substance abuse. Prior to becoming homeless, Paul lived with his wife and child and served his country, receiving an honorable discharge for his service.  However, challenges arising… Read more »

Leslie’s Story

Leslie[1] is a 46-year-old single woman referred to rapid re-housing by her case worker at My Sister’s House (Atlanta Union Mission). Leslie’s experience with homelessness began two years ago when her job assignment through a staffing agency ended.  While Leslie qualified to receive unemployment, it was not enough to pay all of her bills and… Read more »

Susan’s Story

Susan[1] is  is a 23-year-old single mother, originally from Texas. She served in the U.S. Army from 2008 until 2010, receiving a general discharge under honorable conditions. Since arriving in Atlanta in 2011, Susan has not had stable housing, and has resided at the Gateway (a homeless service center) and Mary Hall Freedom House (transitional housing). She… Read more »