Paul’s Story

Paul[1] is a single male who had been living at the Salvation Army shelter since Thanksgiving of 2012 after two short-term, in-patient treatment programs for mental health and substance abuse.

Prior to becoming homeless, Paul lived with his wife and child and served his country, receiving an honorable discharge for his service.  However, challenges arising from a degenerative physical condition left Paul unable to work, and complications resulting from clinical depression, anxiety, and PTSD led to the end of his marriage.  Paul moved in with his mother in Georgia; after struggling for two years with mental health issues and addiction, he became homeless.

Since then, Paul has been receiving treatment from the VA Medical Center, is attending weekly group support sessions, and is taking his medication.  He has been sober for almost a year and attends at least four AA or NA meetings each week.

As a veteran, Paul is fortunate to be eligible for a VASH housing voucher and has been approved for a two-bedroom apartment in one of the AREC properties.  An AREC nonprofit partner worked closely with Paul to locate stable housing and helped him develop a budget that will allow him sustain his tenancy.

[1] Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality.

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