• "We get tenants with the support they need to pay their rent on time. We also get to help families that really need affordable housing. It's a win for everyone." — Merry Fitzgerald, Assistant Property Manager, HMI Property Solutions, Inc. 

  • "Your (AREC’s) leadership is so inspiring! It has been a pleasure to watch your efforts evolve. We would love to see landlord groups come together like this in other cities." — Rosanne Haggerty, CEO, Community Solutions and 100k Homes 

  • "You guys are doing amazing work and we thank you for your contribution. We stand ready to support you." — Lesley Grady, Senior Vice President, Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta 


Advocating, Educating, and Partnering to End Homelessness

The Atlanta Real Estate Collaborative (AREC) is a group of private individuals with extensive real estate experience who have united to share their professional expertise in housing with those in need. We seek to deal directly with homelessness and have a sustainable impact by addressing the housing needs of homeless individuals through facilitating housing placements, real estate advisory services and development, and advocacy.

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You can get involved by becoming an AREC partner through Open Doors.

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